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Oak Edge glued, 20mm AB, Personalized
SKU: 02.CA-16.11261

145,20 €

120,00 €+ VAT

Out of stock

Līmēts ozols 40 mm, Skarbais
SKU: 02.CA-16.11268

279,51 € / M2

231,00 €+ VAT

Out of stock

About Us

Kates Plates has been active on the furniture market since 1997. The company's main business direction is the marketing of board materials for furniture production and construction. The range of products offered has increased rapidly throughout the company's life, contributing to the company's development and a significant increase in market share since its inception. In 2015, we've started offering our partners solid wooden plates as well. We have a wide range of standard oak and ash plates available in our storage room, as well as the possibility of ordering personalized plates for you.

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